What every Homeowner should know before installing Solar Panels

It’s coming into September and it is all about Solar energy for me this month.
The renovation project that is my house is gearing up to have our Solar panels installed but in the meantime I hope you enjoy Green Bee’s first ever guest post on this site written by Tim Smith of Mordernize.com.

Special thanks to Ashita Patel for facilitating.

What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels

Making the decision to go solar is an ideal way to greatly reduce your utility bills as well as protect yourself from future increases in electricity rates. Green solar power also allows you to lessen your impact on the environment by helping to decrease carbon emissions.

Due to today’s government subsidies and innovative advances in technology, the expense of installing and operating solar powered electrical systems has considerably decreased over recent years. But there are some rather important aspects in addition to just price to consider first:

System Location

The best placement for your new solar system is on the roof of your home facing south, with an open view from either side as well. A knowledgeable solar installer will accurately measure the sun exposure on your particular roof to ensure it has an adequate amount of sunlight all year round.

Assess Your Budget

Over time, solar power eventually pays for itself and is therefore less expensive. But initially, it is indeed a substantial investment and can range anywhere from €3,000 up to €60,000 (£6,000 – £48,000) or more. However, the return on this particular investment is significantly better than several other guaranteed investments. Several homeowners choose to transfer funds from 401ks and low-yield CDs in order to supply the necessary funds for investing in eco-friendly solar power.

Amount of Energy from Solar

Your budget will typically dictate how many panels you’ll install. But, if space isn’t a major concern, then the question is: how much of your home’s energy do you require from solar? Several homeowners get 100 percent of all their electricity needs from solar energy, while others choose to use as little as 10 percent based on their budget and needs.

Your Electrical Panel

Your new solar powered system will require a minimum of two open slots in your home’s breaker panel regarding the solar feed. Generally, the main breaker must be at least 200 amps. If your home’s main breaker panel is fewer than 100 amps, is in poor condition, or utilizes fuses rather than breakers; it’s likely you’ll need to upgrade your main electrical panel before installing your solar powered electrical system.

Evaluate Your Shading

When it comes to solar installation, shading is a significant factor. Assess any larger trees or big buildings that could potentially cast a shadow on your solar system throughout the winter and summer months. While several homeowners can make this assessment, it’s better to have a professional installer perform an expert analysis of exactly how the shade could potentially impact your system.

Once you’ve made the environmentally-sound decision to install solar panels to save both money and the planet, be sure to choose a reputable certified installer that guarantees your overall energy production in future decades. Typically, installation requires an expert roof crew and certified electrician that are both specially trained in solar power installation. If properly installed, the system itself is designed to operate for more than 30 years.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize

3 thoughts on “What every Homeowner should know before installing Solar Panels

  1. Thank you for all these informations….solar is our first energy…for millions of year….we will never drain it…and we now have the knowledge to capture it…I love your post…..good luck with your solar project!


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