Irish company produce a water filter that removes 98% of fluoride

Living in Ireland, after years of living in London, I have become increasingly concerned about the quality of the water that is running through our taps. Physically it took myself and my family a few years to adjust to the levels of chemicals that are present. For the record I haven’t done research into the quality of the water in London but I think your body doesn’t lie and when it’s telling you something isn’t right, you should listen. Myself & my husband both suffered badly with dermatitis particularly on our hands and my eldest child’s eczema was no longer manageable with over the counter remedies. But the truth is in the pudding and it was the highly chlorinated taste that got us! Despite living in a beautiful seaside village with plenty of fresh air, our water tasted, well, bad, to be quite frank and I longed for a glass of Thames Water.

Asides all of that, the mandatory fluoridation of water in this country appalls me. While other countries are removing it from their water supply due to health concerns over the effects of fluoridation on the body, the Irish Government don’t think the subject even warrants a debate.

Until that debate occurs, an Irish company called Aqua-nu have run tests which prove their water filtration system removes 98% of Fluoride from water along with a host of other chemicals. Check out their Facebook page for more details

3 thoughts on “Irish company produce a water filter that removes 98% of fluoride

    • Thank you so much Jill for taking the time to read the post. It is a big hobby horse of mine and I agree that we need to observe and be aware of what goes in to this precious resource. I think making it the topic of a general discourse nationally and internationally is a great way for people to sit back and take stock of what is in our water and to make our Governments aware when we aren’t comfortable with some of the additives!


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