Sustainable Resolutions

I love this post from and it needs to be shared. Happy New Year everyone.

My Make Do and Mend Year

New Year’s Eve, and even before the old year is officially over, thoughts are turning to the shiny new year, and all our hopes and aspirations for 2015.

If you are wanting to try and make your life more sustainable, dare I say it, ‘greener’, then here are some suggestions of do-able resolutions, and awesome blogs/websites to follow to help you along the way.

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Zero Waste
OK, so maybe actual proper Zero Waste is a pretty huge goal to aim for. I’m not suggesting that you resolve to go Zero Waste on 1st Jan, or even that you attain it by this time next year. But you can make a start. You can always make a start. And then do just one more thing.
Slimming your bin is a brilliant way to lighten the impact of your lifestyle on the planet. And as with many of these things, you will…

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