Is Adidas Aluminium Free Deodorant safe for you?

Don’t believe the hype! Marketing companies are quick to jump on the ‘Aluminium free’ band wagon but don’t let that hoodwink you into believing that the rest of their ingredient list is good enough for you.

France’s great site is full of tips. This is a really useful post that explores each ingredient.
Nothing like a little knowledge to take with you next time you hit the pharmacy.

France's Natural Beauty Secrets

This will be my next challenge…

Last week I was reading an article about aluminium dangerosity in deodorant…

is adidas deodorant safe

And I noticed that more and more brands are using the “Aluminium free” magic words as a marketing campain’s tool.

But guess what…when checking the formulas….we still find a lot of dangerous things in there…

This was my source of inspiration for this post…

Who is using a lot of deodorant??? Sports men and women…they use deodorant at least twice more often as we do…in the morning after the shower…and after trainings or working out…

It leads me to a brand marketed for sport persons…

What is in Adidas’ deodorant formula

adidas deodorant formula review

Is it safe for you to use?

Propylene glycol:

Propylene glycol: Sense organ toxicity hazards; dangerous for those with kidney disorders; may cause transitory stinging and tearing; penetration enhancer so it helps other chemicals penetrate the skin. This is the first…

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