Water-Saving Bucket Challenge

DIY Water-Saving System

Low-Tech Water-Saving Device

 This is not the most glamorous bathroom accessory but water-saving isn’t in the glamour business. Buckets of any colour are generally (and if I’m wrong please correct me) functional and this orange plastic bucket is no exception. With that in mind I thought I would try a more hands-on approach to conserving water. Myself and this bucket enjoyed a hot solar-powered shower together this morning. A 10 litre orange bucket is generally not my first choice of shower companion but since water charges have been introduced here in Ireland and our 3bar water pump installed, I haven’t really been able to enjoy a shower the way I could in years gone by. The guilt of watching that precious resource run down the plug hole detracts from the overall experience. The solar panels now heat the water which has helped ease the burden of guilt I feel somewhat……but it’s not enough. While the hot water travels through the pipes to my shower, a good 5 litres of cold water is wasted. Well not any more. Today I simply placed a bucket under the flow of water and by the time the temperature was ready for me, I had half a bucket of water. When I got into the shower I moved the bucket to the side and it collected the water that missed me.

I know it’s not rocket science but from just my quick shower this morning I collected about 8litres of water. There are 5 of us in this house so it all adds up by the end of the month.

I can use this water to flush the loo, water some plants or even wash my car. I know there are much cleverer and more efficient ways of water harvesting but this works and it costs nothing to install.

Try it!

7 thoughts on “Water-Saving Bucket Challenge

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  2. I’ve done this before! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I turned off the water to our toilet as an experiment to see if from the water collected in the shower (and other places like leftover glasses of water, etc) we could use only that to flush with. It worked, but he said it was too much work and got flustered about it. I need to try again but even just collecting it and watering plants is better than nothing.

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    • Well done for trying!! I know I would be the only one to keep it up in my house but it is a case if every little helps. At some point I would love to install a rain water harvester but sadly have a long ‘to do ‘ list before then. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.


  3. It’s difficult to be on water restriction. This really makes you appreciate water all the more! I reuse water for many things too. When I clean out my fish tank the water I collect from that, goes to water plants. The plants love this water! Btw, your shower is beautiful! Have a lovely day! Koko❀

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    • Thank you Koko! Yes, restriction does make it easier to appreciate but little actions like feeding your plants with the fish tank water will help to change a cultural mindset. Here in Ireland at the moment we are experiencing heavy rains and nationwide flooding. Ironically clean drinking water is still hard to come by. I think Our Governments need to follow your example!

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