Upsobags: Now why didn’t I think of that?!

I’ve never met David Chadwick of Upsobags but I’m sure we’d get on. If we had no common ground other  than our hatred of throwing things away then we then we’d have the foundations for a bonding session right there. He is a man after my own heart and when my friend Heather sent me a link to his site Upsobags I clicked on it and was duly filled with a sense of ‘Ah drat, why didn’t I think of that?!’


Dispatch Bag

Well, why didn’t I?! I have recently learned how to use a sewing machine and was racking my brain for a great recycle project/business that I could get stuck into. It never happened, but if it had, I would’ve liked something similar to  Upsobags to have been it. A great recycled range of products made in a sustainable way and retailing at incredibly competitive prices.

David Chadwick, founder of Upsobags is a bag manufacturer. Like myself, he hates throwing things away and coupled with a need to maximise resources and minimise waste he discovered that the old tarpaulins used for Lorries made great bags. They are waterproof, durable and unique. Old fire hoses and seat belts are also re-used as leather and webbing substitutes as other components of the bags. Based in Lancashire in the North of England, this business is not just about recycling materials into great products. They are about running a business in as sustainable manner as they can manage. The sewing machines in their factory are solar powered and every bag is hand cut sewn, bears a unique reference number and is signed by the maker. Because each bag is unique it created a challenge for online orders but they got around this by setting up a photo booth on the production line so that when a customer clicks on the photo of the bag they want to order, that very item is the item you will get. When the item is sold, the photo goes offline.


pannierThey remind me of the ‘Courier’ Bags that were so popular particularly in London in the 1990’s. They are hard wearing and practical and no one bag is ever quite the same.They now produce a large range of bags from ‘bum’ bags or ‘fanny packs’ as our American cousin’s hilariously call them to back packs, dispatch bags and panniers for bikes. I love this approach to waste and recycling and well just business in general.


Bum Bag (Fanny Pack)

Visit their website HERE for more information and online ordering.




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