What you really need to know (& do) to conserve water.

This morning I noticed that even my other half is embracing my water bucket approach to showering and without being nagged, I may add. So terribly proud!!!

I’m all about the little things that make big changes especially in matters of the environment but sitting smugly back on my laurels would be a massive ‘fail’.

Water conservation is complex and employing a bucket to catch water from the shower and NOT watering the lawn is really not close to doing enough…….although it is a good place to start.

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South Indian style spicy vegetable curry

Vegetable curry

South Indian Style Spicy Vegeatable Curry

This is my own recipe and is intended to be an easy and nutritious vegan meal inspired by my holiday in India many years ago. It is not trying to be an authentic Indian curry but it is delicious none the less and it’s healthy.   Continue reading

Puy Lentils With Chargrilled Peppers And Feta

Everyday is a meat-free day for me but the rest of my family range from ‘ardent Carnivore’ to ‘picky eater’. I am perpetually on the lookout for a ‘one dish fits all’ recipe so that dinner is less complicated for me. This is one of those dishes. I do have to put my hand up and tell you that my ‘picky eater’ has not succumbed to trying this delicious dish yet but he will……eventually…..and when he does he is in for a treat.

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Water-Saving Bucket Challenge

DIY Water-Saving System

Low-Tech Water-Saving Device

 This is not the most glamorous bathroom accessory but water-saving isn’t in the glamour business. Buckets of any colour are generally (and if I’m wrong please correct me) functional and this orange plastic bucket is no exception. With that in mind I thought I would try a more hands-on approach to conserving water. Myself and this bucket enjoyed a hot solar-powered shower together this morning. A 10 litre orange bucket is generally not my first choice of shower companion but since water charges have been introduced here in Ireland and our 3bar water pump installed, I haven’t really been able to enjoy a shower the way I could in years gone by. The guilt of watching that precious resource run down the plug hole detracts from the overall experience. The solar panels now heat the water which has helped ease the burden of guilt I feel somewhat……but it’s not enough. While the hot water travels through the pipes to my shower, a good 5 litres of cold water is wasted. Well not any more. Today I simply placed a bucket under the flow of water and by the time the temperature was ready for me, I had half a bucket of water. When I got into the shower I moved the bucket to the side and it collected the water that missed me.

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Healthy Breakfast Granola Recipe

I’ve been slack.
Super Slack with a capital S this month with regards to writing and posting. I’m not going to apologise.
As someone very kindly pointed out today, Life happens and until I get myself sorted here is something to be getting on……..


Good Granola costs an arm and a leg but here is a simple recipe that is quick and costs surprisingly little even when you use very fine ingredients. It cuts back on packaging so is not only simple and quick to make but is eco-friendly too. I make enough in one go to last me a week and it takes minutes.
For Christmas this year, everyone nearest and dearest to me got a jar.  It is made without sugar and uses the ‘oil du jour’, coconut oil. It is my favourite healthy breakfast.

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Is Adidas Aluminium Free Deodorant safe for you?

Don’t believe the hype! Marketing companies are quick to jump on the ‘Aluminium free’ band wagon but don’t let that hoodwink you into believing that the rest of their ingredient list is good enough for you.

France’s great site is full of tips. This is a really useful post that explores each ingredient.
Nothing like a little knowledge to take with you next time you hit the pharmacy.

France's Natural Beauty Secrets

This will be my next challenge…

Last week I was reading an article about aluminium dangerosity in deodorant…

is adidas deodorant safe

And I noticed that more and more brands are using the “Aluminium free” magic words as a marketing campain’s tool.

But guess what…when checking the formulas….we still find a lot of dangerous things in there…

This was my source of inspiration for this post…

Who is using a lot of deodorant??? Sports men and women…they use deodorant at least twice more often as we do…in the morning after the shower…and after trainings or working out…

It leads me to a brand marketed for sport persons…

What is in Adidas’ deodorant formula

adidas deodorant formula review

Is it safe for you to use?

Propylene glycol:

Propylene glycol: Sense organ toxicity hazards; dangerous for those with kidney disorders; may cause transitory stinging and tearing; penetration enhancer so it helps other chemicals penetrate the skin. This is the first…

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5 Green Bee Simple Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Finding natural remedies for Sinusitis took me several years but the answer was, if you’ll pardon the pun, under my nose all along. I began getting Sinus infections in my early twenties. The first time I got it was probably the worst I have ever had. It came over me quite quickly and I had no idea what was going on. I had an excruciating pain in my forehead directly above my eyes. It got so intense that all I could do was take pain killers and get into bed and imagine the worst.

I was home from Dublin for the weekend and thankfully my lovely Mum was there to look after me. She called our family Doctor who made a now all to rare house call. He knew straight away what it was and filled out a prescription for me. Phew! It wasn’t a brain tumour just a Sinus infection. Within a day of taking the antibiotic the symptoms began to disappear and by the end of the course I was good as new. The next time I got that tingling feeling and pressure above my eyes I knew what was coming so I acted quickly before the pain incapacitated me. Straight to my GP I went and a prescription was duly written. But, I wasn’t so comfortable with this so I also began to research other ways of managing my health and diet to see if there was another solution. My GP seemed unsure about the importance of food but I discovered that there are lots of food triggers for a sinus infection. For me (and I can only speak from my own experience) I only ever got it after I had a cold. If I continued drinking red wine and eating cheese during my cold I would, without doubt, develop a sinus infection. The lifestyle change came gradually. I begrudgingly waved bye bye to Pinot Noir and cut back hugely on my cheese intake but when I became pregnant a few years later the antibiotic was no longer the quick fix I could resort to.  So, I took to the books and found another way. I needed a natural remedy and a home remedy became the quickest option and this is how I discovered the overnight success.

My ‘hardcore’ quick fix is what I like to call my overnight success. If, like me, you aren’t a fan of raw onions, you may struggle with this remedy but it works and quickly. I have to be in a very bad way to put this one into practice but hey, if you like raw onions this is the one for you.

The Raw Onion Sinus fix/Overnight Success recipe.

photo 1

 You will need

I onion and a piece of muslin or thin cotton, large enough to comfortably tie around your neck


Chop the onion into thin slices of an inch or longer. Open out your square of material and place the raw onions in the centre. Fold the material in half keeping the onions in the centre to form a triangle. Now roll the material so that it can be worn around the neck like a neckerchief with the onions neatly wrapped in the middle. Now bear with me……..wrap the ‘onion’ kerchief around your neck and go to sleep for the night. In the morning you will notice two things. Firstly, you, your pillow, bed linen and room all smell of raw onions. Secondly and most importantly, all sinus pain will be gone. Voila. No costly trip to your Doctor or the pharmacy and of course no need for an antibiotic.

Every time I have endured this treatment it has worked for me. I have also worn it during the day/evening and not worn it to bed with similar success. In terms of other remedies I find them to be slower leading to results but they do work and generally I do them in combination with each other.

Steaming with Peppermint and eucalyptus 

Green Bee natural remedies

This is a pretty tried and tested method and if done regularly at the start of a head cold works wonders.

I fill a stainless steel bowl with just boiled water and I add a few drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil for immediate and longer relief. Place your head over the bowl and cover your entire head and bowl with a towel to trap the steam and inhale for a few minutes. Do this as often as is required but certainly three times a day.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

image Believe the hype. Apple cider vinegar is brilliant. It has lots of benefits apparently which aid well-being but for me it’s my go-to aid for sinusitis. It helps thin mucus and 1 tablespoon taken in a glass of warm water three times a day works. I take it for up to a week but by many accounts apple cider vinegar can be taken every day for a variety of other benefits as part of an alkaline diet or to aid with weight  loss.

Hot Lemon drink

Mimageix the juice of 1 lemon with an inch of thinly sliced fresh ginger with a spoonful of honey and a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup and top up with hit water. Drink straight away.

My final sinus remedy is primarily a great tasting soup. I refer to it as my Sinus Soup which is decidedly unappetising but Spicy Vegetable Soup will work just as well.

It’s vegetable broth that takes very little time to prepare.


1 good sized onion thinly sliced, 1 stick of celery chopped, 2 cloves of garlic sliced or crushed, 1 large potato cut into bite size chunks, 1 courgette or Zucchini diced, 1/2 red pepper cut into bite size chunks, 2 carrots sliced, a good handful of shredded Savoy cabbage, 4 roughly chopped mushrooms. 1.5 litres of stock. 1 level teaspoon of Tumeric, 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a good grind of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of dried mixed herbs and 1 inch of thinly sliced fresh ginger.


Fry the onion, celery, Savoy cabbage, mushrooms and garlic with a tablespoon of olive oil in a heavy bottomed pot. Once the ingredients have softened add the herbs and spices and make sure all of the vegetables fully coated. Add the potatoes and carrots and add the stick. Simmer over a medium heat for 30 minutes or until all of the undereducated are cooked.

Serve steaming hot.